Best Cardio Routine with Stair Climbing

Do you need cross training activity that takes your running to greater height? Do you want to lose weight on the cheap? Are you looking for an effective all in one workout? If yes then Stair climbing is the best way that yields incredible results. This is an amazing workout technique that combines strength, cardio and calorie burning.
Stair climbing may be the best workout for you as it is free, fun and effective. If you don’t have access to step machine or don’t want to join gym, then you can just do workout outdoors. Stair climbing allows you to mix in all manner of training techniques that you are not allowed to do on a step machine. This is far more flexible than other techniques.

Benefits of Stair Climbing

  • This is a great way to strengthen your legs from calves to butt.
  • This is a good cardiovascular exercise that pushing your body up stair after stair against gravity helps burn lots of calories
  • It develop power and strength in body
  • This is the best way to burn fat and takes your fitness to next level
  • This is good and easy workout for beginners
  • This is free and you can even try it in the public stairs.
  • No special machine or equipment needed

  • Stair Climbing Tips:

  • Start stair climbing by warming up. you can do some exercises like jogging/skipping and stretching
  • Avoid using calf muscles to power yourself up the stairs
  • Avoid stepping only on your toes
  • Use your larger leg muscles.
  • Put your foot on step and push off with your heels as it helps reduce strain on knees and transferring the force to glutes and harmstrings
  • Only walk don’t run while climbing down stairs as it helps reduces stresses on the ankles and knees.
  • Take a break or slow down when needed and keep your body hydrated
  • Look for wide, long and straight stairs for your workout.
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