Correct way for jogging with Figure Point

Many fitness freak people prefer jogging as it keeps them healthy. Jogging is very beneficial for health as it improves ability of body to deliver oxygen to muscles and helps your muscles to become efficient enough to use this oxygen. The more you jog, more you improve the performance of heart. The more you practice it; the lesser is the risk of heart attack. Jogging is good for health in various aspects but you should jog in correct manner.

Below are few tips that may be very helpful for you to jog in the right manner:

  • Select proper shoes
  • Your selection of shoes should depend upon the type of ground on which you run. If it is hard concrete ground then you should buy the shoes which are soft and provide proper cushioning.
    Also, the shoes selection depends on your foot arches. You should get the shoes which properly support your arches.
    Shoes should be properly tied up while running. Especially for jogging, it is necessary that the shoes are a perfect fit for your foot. They should neither be a bit large nor a bit smaller than your foot size.

  • Start slowly and plan a shorter route.
  • You should not expect much from your body on day 1. If you will go for longer laps on day 1, you will end up exhausting yourself. You should always start gradually when it comes to exercise. And, same is the case with jogging. You should run slowly and for shorter distance and then gradually increase the pace and length of route. This way your body will get used to it and you will not experience issues like fatigue or tiredness.

  • Take a proper diet
  • You should take a proper diet before and after running. You should not run with full stomach as this may reduce your ability to run. You should have such a diet that may provide you sufficient energy without bulking up your stomach. Bananas are best option to have before running. They are good source of energy.

  • Warm up properly before running
  • Do not do stretching before jogging. This may cause hurting your muscles while running. To warm up before jogging you should go for a brisk walk for 10-15 minutes. This will be the perfect way to warm up.

  • Stay relaxed while jogging
  • Your muscles should be relaxed while jogging. You should not tense your muscles or push your limits. This may lead to muscle injuries.

  • While running, your body should be natural posture. Your shoulders should be down and loose. And, your torso should be upright and straight.

These are few tips that you should follow while jogging. These will help you to avoid any injury or stress on your muscles.

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