Daily cup of Yoga

Yoga can change your entire body from inside out. Those who practice yoga daily they get lots of benefits from it. Yoga makes you calmer, happier and thinner and more you. People find it difficult to include Yoga in their routine due to lots of reasons such as busy lifestyle, jobs, commuting, social obligations, travel, plants, pets and many more.
No doubt, you might be leading a very busy life, many do too. But a regular and daily yoga practice is possible within that hectic life.
Here is why Daily Cup of Yoga is Possible:
You can do it anytime
You can do it anywhere as you need not any special machine, shoes, clothes, ball, prep, and mat. What all you want to do yoga, it’s just you. There is no any athletic activity is as simple as yoga.
It can be done by all age groups with slight modifications
Yoga can be done by people of all age groups. There are different aasanas for different age groups. Even people suffering from any chronic disease can do Yoga with slight modification.
Not much space or equipment required
You do not need a big hall or any machines or weights o do Yoga. You require only that much space in which you can sit or lie down and a Yoga mat.
There are many benefits of Yoga. Few of them are as follows:
Benefits of Yoga classes:

  • It is helpful in burning calories:
  • If you practice yoga for an hour, you will be able to burn up to 270 cal per hour. It is a great way to burn calories. There are various yoga aasans for different age groups. These aasans can also be modified as per the health and body of the one practicing it.

  • Improves flexibility of muscles
  • There are many yoga aasans that involve stretching and balancing your body. These aasans have a great impact on flexibility of the body.

  • Helps to get rid of stress
  • Yoga is very effective in providing metal peace. It is helpful in getting rid of stress and helps in cultivating positive thinking in people practicing it. There are various aasans collectively called as “Pranayam” which are responsible for providing relaxation to mind and reliving stress.

By above information it is clear that we should not skip Yoga for even a single day. We should try to do it on regular basis to get maximum benefit out of it.

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