Fitness goals to set for 2017

It is the right time to set your fitness goals for 2017. We are not talking about losing weight or get lean, but it is more specific than vowing to drop pounds.
The new year is just started and it also reminds us of all the causal habits we followed throughout the past year. We were so stuck to our comfort zone that we forgot to take care of our health and fitness. So, now it’s time to make some fitness goals for this coming year. We should not make massive goals in initial phase, rather we should set small goals that are achievable. This will boost our moral and will push us to do more of it. So, below are few fitness goals that you should set for year 2017:

  • Decide to follow fitness for long run
  • This year you must decide to follow the fitness and healthy lifestyle for long run. You should be aware that being fit is not a matter of few days or months. Being fit is a way of life, it is the lifestyle. It is not that you work out for 2-3 months and again start unhealthy lifestyle for rest of the year. And, expect that you will be fit and fine.

  • Make a goal to master a single exercise
  • You should try to follow a particular exercise that you may continue throughout the year. The best one will be push-ups. You should do push-ups daily. They help to tone most of your muscles. While you do push-ups, you work on your thighs, shoulders, entire core, arms and back.
    You may start with 3 sets of ten push-ups each. Once you are comfortable with this, you may increase the number of push-ups in a set to 15.

  • Follow a healthy nutritional plan
  • Proper diet and nutrition plays very important role in being fit and healthy. The workout accounts for 40% of contribution in making you fit and remaining 60% is due to your diet and nutrition. Include more of fruits and raw vegetables in your diet. Increase intake of proteins and carbs. The diet also depends on your fitness goal.

  • Be consistent
  • The most important thing to be followed is consistency. If you lack consistency, no exercise or diet will help you to achieve a fit body and healthy life style. Consistency will help you to achieve your long term goal of fitness. You need to be determined and focused towards your goal.

    So, these are few of the fitness goals you may set for this coming year 2017. Wish you a great and healthy life.

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