The benefits for Aerobic and Yoga Classes

    When we join any fitness club, we have an objective in our mind, such as, to loose weight or to increase our stamina, etc. Hence, there are various forms of exercises to achieve different objectives. For example, if you need to bulk up your muscles, you will be given weights training. And, if you want to loose weight, you will be suggested to go for aerobics and Yoga.
    These forms of exercise (Aerobics and Yoga) increase your core strength and work on overall fitness. There are many benefits of these forms of exercise. Les have a look at each of them:
    Benefits of Aerobics classes:

  • Highly effective in burning calories
  • Aerobics is mainly effective in burning calories as it includes intensive muscle movements. You can burn up to 600 cal in an hour if you do intense aerobics for an hour.

  • Improves muscle strength
  • As while doing aerobics you constantly use your muscles, it really helps in strengthening them. You use your muscles to balance your body, move your body, lift your body, bend it and many more such activities.

  • Effective as cardiovascular exercise
  • These aerobics exercise have various cardiovascular benefits. It improves blood circulation by broadening the blood vessels. It also improves the pumping power of heart and lowers the levels of Bad LDL cholesterol. This cholesterol is responsible for blockage in arteries.

    Benefits of Yoga classes:

  • It is helpful in burning calories:
  • If you practice yoga for an hour, you will be able to burn up to 270 cal per hour. It is a great way to burn calories. There are various yoga aasans for different age groups. These aasans can also be modified as per the health and body of the one practicing it.

  • Improves flexibility of muscles
  • There are many yoga aasans that involve stretching and balancing your body. These aasans have a great impact on flexibility of the body.

  • Helps to get rid of stress
  • Yoga is very effective in providing metal peace. It is helpful in getting rid of stress and helps in cultivating positive thinking in people practicing it. There are various aasans collectively called as “Pranayam” which are responsible for providing relaxation to mind and reliving stress.
    So, we see that Yoga and aerobics are both beneficial for health in their own ways. One should practice both of them in order to get healthy mind and body.

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