Why it is important to warm up before exercise

The term “Warm up” is referred to some light and less intense exercises done to prepare oneself for the actual work out. This may include stretches and light cardiovascular exercises. This is very important before any work out. Usually people skip this part and jump to actual work out straight away. This may lead to many problems, such as, fatigued muscles or injuries.
The main objective of warm up is to improve blood circulation. The improved blood flow helps to carry oxygen of various parts and muscles of body effectively. This proper oxygen level is very important during exercise. If adequate amount of oxygen is not available, then chances of anaerobic metabolism are higher. This causes formation of lactic acid inn muscle tissues. This formation of lactic acid causes fatigue and pain in muscles.
Also, it is seen that stretched muscles act as better shock absorbers than stiff muscles. This is also why the warm up session is must before performing the actual work out. Make sure that you warm up for at least 20-30 minutes before going for actual work out.

    Benefits of warm up:

  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It improves oxygen supply to deeper tissues and muscles. This prevents fatigue and pain in muscles.
  • Proper oxygen also prevents you from getting out of breath during actual work out.
  • It is necessary as it prepares muscles for various exercises like stretching, jumping, etc.
  • It also increase heart beat gradually ad thereby reducing chances of sudden rise in blood pressure.
  • It prepares you for upcoming work out.
  • It increases control and co-ordination among body and mind.
  • It also increases reflexes, which is very important in sport related exercises.
  • There are few things you need to keep in mind while doing warm up in order make it effective. Following are few of them:

  • Frequency of warm up
  • You should do warm up every time before starting any work out.

  • Intensity of warm up
  • Even while doing warm up, you should start with low intensity exercise. And, you should gradually increase the intensity of warm up to match that of actual work out.

  • Duration of warm up
  • You should do the warm up for at least 2- – 30 minutes.

  • Type of warm up
  • Warm up can be of various types. It may include exercises same as your main work out, but are of low intensity. It may also include entirely different exercises as well.

So, now it must be very clear that warm up is highly important before any workout. It reduces chancesof muscle fatigue and injuries.

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